My score

After working closely with users, Sangat Matrimonial has developed a new scoring / rating system for our users.  This is to help you ascertain the frequency of logins and other important information about users you might want to contact. 

This rates users between 1 and 10, with 10 being the top score.  So, if you see someone who has a score of 10, it means that they login regularly and respond to all requests quickly and are quite professional in their approach to this website and other users.  So, how does it work?  To find out how our system calculates scores, take a quick look at the below table:

Item / Activity

High Score

Medium Score

Low Score

Completed profile

2 = fully complete

1 = 80% complete


3 or images on profile




No image on profile




Login Frequency

2 = twice a week

1 = once a week


Request Response Time

3 = within 48 hrs

2 = within 5 days


Sending Requests

1 = 1 per week



Blocks on your account (pcm)

-3 = 5 in a month

-2 = 2 in a month


Please note:

  • Our system updates this data and scores every Monday.

  • Our ‘scoring’ week is based on data that we compile between Monday & Sunday and is calculated on the previous week of activity for each user.  

  • To increase your score, your logins must be done on separate days.  

  • If you spam other users and are rude, causing them to block your account this will have a detrimental effect on your account.  These penalties remove points from your score.  They also are reflected on your account for a period of one month.  

  • Not having an image will reduce your score.

This information may change without notice.