We have made an effort to answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

A - General Info

  • 1. When was Sangat Matrimonial launched?
  • The service was launched in March 2011 through a weekly television show on Sangat TV. Due to the number of enquiries from registered users, we decided to invest in a new online system to help our members search more efficiently.
  • 2. How many members does Sangat Matrimonial have?
  • We currently have over 1000 registered members with Sangat Matrimonial and hundreds of active online members that regularly use the website.
  • 3. Can I search the site if I am not a member?
  • Yes. You are able to do a quick search and see some results. Please note that only registered users are able to see profile pictures and detailed user profiles of other members.
  • 4. Have people got married or engaged through this service?
  • Yes. We have had many success stories through our services. Couples have got married and engaged through our service.
  • 5. Who is Surjit Kaur?
  • Surjit Kaur presents the weekly Sangat Matrimonial Television show on Sangat TV and manages the Sangat Matrimonial service.
  • 6. Do I have to give my picture to register?
  • Yes. This is vitally important for our service to maintain a high level of honesty and transparency. Many members have requested that all active members in our service should all maintain their profile pictures at all times. We want all members to note / understand that this is a two way process, you can see other profiles (and send requests) and others can view your profile (and send you requests), this effectively doubles the chances of you finding a suitable match. As per Sangat Matrimonial policy all members must provide a personal profile picture to have an active account.
  • 7. Can I keep my profile picture private?
  • Yes, this is possible. Users have two options regarding the use of personal profile pictures: ‘Private’ – It will not be visible on the home page. Members will have to login to see your profile picture. Non Members shall not be able to view your profile picture. or ‘Public’ – Your personal profile picture will be visible on the home page and visible on searches by members and non members.
  • 8. I am a parent, can I manage my son / daughter’s account?
  • No. Parents can set up the account for their children, but the account ID checks and passwords can only be given to the applicant. If applicant’s are not serious or ready for marriage or do not have time to respond to requests, they should not join this service. We have used this approach after speaking with our users. It is the user’s responsibility and duty to share this info with their family for transparency and advice to help guide them through the matrimonial process.
  • 9. I do not live in the UK, can I join the service?
  • Yes. The service is for Sikhs from all over the world looking for a life partner. Please be clear on your country of permanent residence and also the type of partner that you are looking for. Please note that our service has grown to be the number 1 service for Sikhs in the UK and has now begun to attract Sikhs from many other countries.
  • 10. I am not a Sikh, can I register?
  • No. The site is a specialist service for Sikhs from all over the world looking for a Sikh partner.
  • 11. I am not Amritdhari, can I register?
  • Yes. This site is for Amritdhari and non-Amritdhari (practising and non-practising) Sikhs. All members must believe in Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the eternal Guru of the Sikhs.
  • 12. Can I become a member without submitting my passport or driver’s license?
  • No. Submitting your passport is part of the Sangat Matrimonial compliance process, you cannot become a registered member without submitting a scan or image of your passport or driver’s license which will be verified by our team. Our members have requested peace of mind about new users and submitting your passport confirms: your legal name: country of residence: confirmation of identity.
  • 13. Will others be able to see my ID documents?
  • No. This information can only be seen by our team and these are not shown or sent to any third parties.
  • 14. Who set up this service?
  • The service was setup by the Sangat Trust. The first project of the Trust was Sangat TV and the second project was Sangat Matrimonial.
  • 15. I have a suggestion regarding the website, who can I contact?
  • You can click this link to send feedback /suggestions to our team.
  • 16. Where are you based?
  • The team are based at the Sangat TV HQ, 276 Monument Road, Birmingham, B16 8XF, UK.
  • 17. How do I recover my password?
  • Go to the login area of the website and click on the forgotten password link. On this page you will need to enter your username or email ID into the box. Once done, you will be sent a ‘confirmation link’ in your email. Click on this link and you shall be prompted to enter a new password and to re-confirm the new password. Once you complete this step your password has been reset. Please be sure to note your new password in a safe and secure place. Do not share these details with any third parties.
  • 18. Can I use this website on my phone?
  • Yes. This website is specifically designed for desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and Mobiles.
  • 19. Is there a cost for registering with Sangat Matrimonial?
  • Every project has a cost associated for the organisers. We request all of our members to make an online donation of £101 per annum – this donation enables Sangat Trust to maintain the Sangat Matrimonial service. This donation shall keep your account active for one full year. This is a not for profit project and all donations are used to support, maintain and improve this service for all members of our community.
  • 20. Can I make changes or update my profile?
  • Yes. Once you are a registered member you are able to go to the ‘my account’ section in the top right of the screen and click on the ‘edit account’ button. This takes you to the registration form where you are able to make changes and updates to your personal information.
  • 21. How many pictures can I upload in my profile are?
  • Users are able to upload a maximum of 5 pictures to their personal area. Please be sure to only use high quality images and don’t forget, for most people, this will be their first impression of you.
  • 22. How long will it take for me to find a suitable partner through this website?
  • There is no correct answer to this question and each user will have their own unique experience. Some of our members have joined and found a partner within a week it really depends on you. We want all members to take this process seriously and not just rush into anything, as Anand Karaj is for the rest of your life.

B - For members

  • 1. I have seen a profile I like, how do I contact this person?
  • You need to send a ‘contact request’. The other person will then receive an email to let them know that you have sent a request. They then have two simple options:
    Accept – you will automatically receive the email address of the other user, you should now send an email to establish contact. At this point, they may also decide to share their mobile telephone number with you.
    Decline – The user has not accepted your request. This is nothing personal and none of us should have any hard feelings so, the search continues. You can monitor your sent and received requests and the status of these requests from your personal user area on the top right of the screen.
  • 2. Does my telephone number remain private on the website?
  • Your telephone number remains private within the website and is not shown to the public or members. The number will only be shared if you approve a ‘contact request’ and allow the number to be seen.
  • 3. How can I update my profile picture?
  • You will need to login to your account and select: My Account / Edit Profile / My Profile Pic and then upload your profile image.  This image will be used as your main profile picture.  You are also able to add extra pictures under the 'pictures' tab of My Account.  
  • 4. Can other people see my home address once I am registered with the service?
  • No. This is not shared / disclosed to any third parties / users. Sangat Matrimonial holds this information as part of our compliance process for all registered members only.
  • 5. I have an issue with my account, who can I contact?
  • The first thing to do is to send a message to us from our contact us page. This is checked daily and we aim to get back to users asap. Please give as much detail as possible about the issues that you are facing and a member of our team will respond via email or give you a call.
  • 6. I have a complaint about another user – how do I report this behavior / abuse ?
  • You can a send your complaint to us using the contact us page. Please give us as much detail as possible about the complaint and a member of our team shall respond immediately. All complaints are treated with sensitivity and confidentiality. We consider the comfort and safety of our members very important and give all related matters the highest priority.

We hope that you have found this information useful and will soon be joining the Sangat Matrimonial service.

If you need any further help you are most welcome to call a member of our team on +44 (0)300 0300 113 or send feedback or suggestions by clicking here.